the dance rebel leadership training.


The Dance Rebel Leadership Training is an 8-week intensive where you’ll have my personal guidance and mentorship on creating and launching your own dance community or class, so that you can:

  • make dance an active part of your life/career,

  • make income from it (if you desire),

  • and create authentic community - no matter how much experience you have or where you live.


it starts sept 16

Registration is open until september 11th or until all spots are filled (and they fill up fast!)

Join from anywhere: sessions are conducted on live video conference.


everything you need to know is in this video:

If you’re seriously considering doing this training, I recommend investing 25 minutes of your time to watch this video where I’ve laid out everything you need to know:

  • the 2 most common myths I hear from people who consider beginning to facilitate dance

  • the story of how I built my local nyc dance community

  • the program modules in detail, how it’s conducted, and what the investment is

My sense is that you’ll get a good sense of my style, the value of the content I’ll provide, and whether or not it seems to match your current desires. If you have more questions or would rather talk directly to me, feel free to click on any of the “talk to jess” buttons and I’d be happy to make it happen.


here are the different modules we’ll cover each week:

  1. You are the glue:

    Identify and own your unique “dance voice,” my 3-part process of bringing clarity to who you are as a dancer/mover, no matter how much experience you do or don’t have. (Hint: no formal training gives you a unique angle, just as a ton of pro experience does, too!) You’ll start from a place of inner clarity, knowing yourself and your message so that you can become a magnet for your ideal audience.

  2. Your hips don’t lie:

    Starting with what you already know and do naturally with dance, I’ll help you create a clear outline for your class/sessions so that you can feel confident delivering the material and bringing your authentic brilliance to the world.

  3. Break out of dance prison:

    Uncover any hidden or obvious blocks to your confidence and expression so that you can dance through your fears and create what you’re meant to. Receive personalized coaching and my dance-based exercises to guide you through this in a visceral way.

  4. Freedom through structure and pacing:

    Choose the right ingredients for your dance recipe, and know exactly which small actions will have the most impact so that you can build it effectively. Learn by example through a variety of case studies that will inspire you, and receive templates and sample structures to build off of.

  5. If you build it, they will dance:

    Identify your ideal audience and start taking actions to invite them into your community, this way you’ll start creating genuine connections right away and build confidence as I hold your hand through the sometimes scary part of telling people what you’re up to!

  6. Profit and planning:

    Choose your plan for profit - or non-profit, or make it free - so that you can be clear on your intentions and take the necessary marketing actions to generate what you desire. Receive planning templates for calculating your profit plan, marketing your offering, and tracking your students.

  7. facilitation 101:

    Nail down your facilitation skills so that you can confidently lead groups or private students. Learn the biggest mistakes facilitators make when leading dance and what do instead. You’ll understand how to humanize your approach and bring your personality out through your teaching so that its memorable.

  8. integration + launch:

    Tie it all together in our final session of the program. Review what we’ve covered, find the gaps you need to fill in, and receive personalized coaching and support to ensure you’re on the right track and know how and when to launch your movement!


sessions are held mondays 12-1:15pm EST via zoom

(they are recorded and posted within 24 hours of the live session time.)


plus these bonuses:

the art of the dance video.png

The Art of the D.I.Y. Dance Video:

In this online training series, I'm revealing all the secrets on how I create my D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) dance videos that make an impact. My homemade dance videos have made their way from my iPhone 6 to the big screens of  TEDxNYU and Lincoln Center’s Dance On Camera Festival, as well as reaching over 166,000 views (and counting) on YouTube alone.

Learn the technical basics of shooting and editing your own videos - no experience necessary! - and get inspired with artistic direction and guidance for turning your basic video into a work of art that you’re proud of. All so that you can post videos, share yourself with confidence and charisma, and reach more people authentically.

Templates for Success:

Since my side gig as a copywriter has really come in handy over the years that I’ve been building my dance programs, I wanted to also include the exact written templates I’ve used that you can adapt for your audience:

  • Email invitations to people in your network

  • Social media post sharing

  • Waivers and program agreement

join me + create a movement with YOUR movement.

registration closes september 11th.


here are some examples of who it’s for and what’s possible (via real life participants)

dance rebel branded.png

"I signed up for the DRLT because I'm ready to clarify my dance voice. As a non-trained dancer, I've been hesitant to move forward with this project on my own but I’m a mover. We’re all movers! I’m so glad that I reached out to Jess! She’s going to help me find my true dance voice and help me redefine dance to create a movement program that’s inclusive to all movers - trained or not!

"I'm really excited to bring a different approach to trauma healing! To help people discover a new relationship with their body - one that fosters curiosity and nourishment with a foundation of love, compassion, honesty and respect. I'm creating a dance/movement course for people who are ready to connect with their inner dancer and in turn discover their own innate capacity for healing, to feel safe in their body, comfortable in their own skin, embodied, integrated and whole."

~ Julie Fernandez, Los Angeles CA

Untitled design (7).png

“I signed up for the DRLT because I need guidance streamlining my ideas and understanding how to implement the business side of running a dance program.  Having worked with Jess in her other programs, I know she has a lot of knowledge to offer, and I love the way she creates a safe space for people to come together, share ideas and express their creativity.

“I’m creating Camp Create: Be Your Own Hero, a summer dance program for children ages 4-7 who are interested in using movement to access their creativity and express their individuality. I’m really excited to take my ideas and manifest them into a program that is aligned with my beliefs as a dance educator.”

~ Marisa Catena, Wood-Ridge NJ

There are spaces waiting to be filled with dance.

What will yours be?


here’s more about your fearless leader:

I never intended to start a dance business. 

I was a holistic health coach with a thriving practice and thought that was my calling, until something in my soul told me otherwise. What started out as a creative hobby - making homemade dance videos alone in my room - has grown into a career and a community over the last 7 years. From starting tiny workshops in a Brooklyn studio to speaking on a TEDx stage to performing in front of hundreds to seeing my homemade dance video screened at Lincoln Center to spearheading the online Dance Rebel Movement around the globe, I’ve been on a mission to make dance more accessible, with an emphasis on creativity and self-expression. 

I’ve produced over a dozen showcases for my students in NYC and I’m the creator of the annual Dance-a-Day in the Month of May video series, which continues to spread each year. (Check out 2018’s media feature here!) I’ve also maintained my own weekly blog for the last 7 years, and have worked on and off as a copywriter during that time.

My You Can Dance Again programs and videos have helped hundreds of people in NYC and beyond to reclaim their sense of self through dance, feel at home in their bodies, and revive their creative expression.

This year, I felt called to take this mission to more places and reach more communities, and so I started this program, The Dance Rebel Leadership Training, which helps you to create your own dance movement, based on your unique dance story and experience. It incorporates everything I’ve learned from both the artistic and business side of starting a dance-based business and movement.

In other words, if there’s anyone to guide you in bringing YOUR dance visions to life, it’s me ;)